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Orphanage for street children in Bombolulu

For a few years we have been visiting this orphanage during our visits in Kenya and observed the development of the 34 children. At the moment, there are girls and boys in the age of six to 19. Because the parcel of land is too small, the girls are accommodated in a rented room in the neighbourhood. The room is approximately 9 m² and the girls sleep in bunk beds, two sharing one mattress. The boys sleep in the yard because the building only holds enough room for two classrooms, one office, one cooking area as well as a restroom.

These pictures we took in the orphanage in fall 2011. Bombolulu is the poorest area in Mombasa. The government does not offer financial support for the children. Unfortunately, there is no money for school uniforms, which would allow the children to visit a public school. The dedicated headteacher and his team of volunteers established their own school. This school is also accessible for children from this area.

For the children’s provisioning with three meals a day, we need €150 per week. With this money, we buy about 33 kg of beans, 30 kg of corn, 20 kg of rice, 10 kg of sugar, 30 eggs, milk and flour as well as seasonal vegetables. All the food is bought in local shops to also support the local economy.

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