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Sinking a well for Nyakwaka

Sinking a well for Nyakwakav is the most favourite project of our association. With your donation you will support the making of first well in Busia District, near to the border with Uganda and Tansania, about 1000 km away from the coast of  Indian Ocean. More than 900 people of this region have no access to claen water. Women and children  still have to carry every day heavy containers with water a long way to their villages. (picture) During our last trip we had a lot of discussions with local drilling companies.  The best offer we got is for 2500 €. How the well will look like you can see on the picture. Since we keep personal contact with local people and authorities a permanent observation of project progress in given. Immediately after each journey we report on our homepage about successful use of your donations. [album id=1 template=extend]